Web Page Tune Up

Web Page Tune Up 1.4.370

Analyze and improve meta tags and HTML content in your web page

Web Page Tune Up is a free tool for analysing and improving the meta tags and HTML content of a web page, with the objective of helping to improve the search engine ranking of individual web pages. It analyses meta tags and other components of the file, suggesting improvements and providing a simple interface to manage each of these improvements.

Web Page Tune Up is intended for the webmaster who wants to be able to determine keywords and check on possible page problems quickly an easily. No knowledge of HTML is required, so the tool can be used any anyone.

Here’s what this program has to offer:

  • Identifies candidate keywords
  • Identifies poor keywords
  • Allows new keywords and phrases to be added.
  • Sorts keywords into optimal ordering
  • Updates the meta-tag information for you
  • Warns if page lacks a title, description or keywords
  • Allows title and description to be edited
  • Removes unnecessary HTML that most WYSIWYG editors put in

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Web Page Tune Up


Web Page Tune Up 1.4.370